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The Queer Moving Company

Cam and Myles started this business when we met working for another company. We both wished there was a company we could work for that didn’t have “Tom sucks dick” written in the cabs. We wanted a workplace where a trans person could comfortably transition, we wanted a workplace where we felt welcome and safe. Rather than go out looking we thought the best thing would be to give our own community that option. A service where you can be 100% certain won’t hold prejudice or ignorance when they come to work for you. A moving company you could trust and feel comfortable around. A moving company that had certain standards around customer service and how any customer or member of the general public can expect to be treated. Quite simply we created a service that should exist in the moving industry but doesn’t. We are Queer Move, queer removalists. 

We both cut our teeth in the industry working with some of Melbourne's leading property stylists and regularly completing large residential moves.